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Ambassador Room 3 and 4 (2 Rooms Together) Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park Banquet -





Ambassador Banquet and Conference Centre offers state of the art technology, elegant facilities with on-site catering that are perfectly suited for meetings, conferences, trade shows, galas, weddings, family celebrations and so much more. Our Ambassador Banquet and Conference Centre rooms are located on the main floor level with our open terrace courtyard concept providing a number of options for refreshments and food services for your attendees. When combined, Ambassador Rooms 3 and 4 boast a total


  • Coffee / Tea
  • Podium
  • Projection Equipments
  • Sound System
  • White Board
  • A/C
  • Microphone
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video Conference


Reviews - (4.0 / 5)

  • Michelle Hamilton
    (3.0 / 5)

    I wish I could give this place higher. Then 3 stars. It’s unfortunate because the waitress at the restaurant was amazing the food was delicious and the wonderful young lady who checked us in was nice as well, however the gentleman working behind the desk beside her was very rude and embarrassed me. I was mortified. I am from Toronto Ontario and drove 22 hours straight and finally stopped in Winnipeg. And unfortunately the short time we stayed here this gentleman behind the desk spoke to me in sick a way that I completely mortified. We finally stopped first place was this hotel. We stood in the line hungry and tired. My best friend said look food and drink let’s eat then check in. We went to the restaurant attached to the hotel and order the waitress was lovely the gentleman was nice. After that long a drive over tired and hungry I order my meal and beef and my best friend order her meal and fancy drink I can’t remember the name. It came with a beer in it. Delicious by the way. We decided we were so tired we’d get our meal in to go containers and take to our room. I drank my drink and my friend had a few drinks and went out for a smoke. I asked for bill carry up to our room containers. No issues very nice.y friend hadn’t returned food packed up and her full drink the nice bartender said I could take the Sri I with me to my room for her. Great I thought grabbed my food and went to check in. The nice lady at the front took my credit card payment and the man next to her asked me if that was alcohol in that I said I got it from the restaurant and they said I could leave with it up to my room. He got really upset with me and raised his voice saying it’s not allowed. I said I’m sorry I was told it was ok. And he look at me and said I was lying. I was mortified. In front of other people the lobby. I hope I did the right thing by letting the staff know in the restaurant that it wasn’t allowed. They were shocked. They really need to have common grounds. The lovely waitress even told me he called her and she got into trouble. Honestly he made my short stay on Winnipeg an unpleasant experience I don’t think I’ll ever stay here again. I can only hope this helps him to learn a bit about customer service. I stayed here tonight. I write this as a Very disappointed customer hoping I can help improve the stay of the next customer. Unhappy customer

  • Ty Sadow
    (4.0 / 5)

    I always have a great time at the gaming lounge. One tho g I do not like is the price for French fries, if your going to charge 10$ at give us the thick cut fries.

  • jennifer m
    (4.0 / 5)

    there were lots of signs directing me to the conference room I was supposed to be in. good location, lots of parking.