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Ambrosia IV Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Centre Ballroom -


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Capacity: Banquet - 5 - 150 Max. , Crescent Rounds - 90 Max. , Classroom - 96 Max. , Theater - 205 Max. , Boardroom - 48 Max. , Hollow Square - 54 Max. , Reception - 205 Max. , U-Shape - 48 Max.


  • Coffee / Tea
  • Podium
  • Projection Equipments
  • Sound System
  • White Board
  • A/C
  • Microphone
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video Conference


Reviews - (4.2 / 5)

  • Elizabeth Katusa
    (5.0 / 5)

    Good morning. I checked out of the Sheraton Airport Hotel and Conference Center after completing the mandatory 3-day quarantine. The entire staff (front desk, security, food delivery) made the stay as comfortable and seamless as possible. I was anticipating to feel out of place or unwanted due to the quarantine status but I felt welcomed, listened to, and appreciated. The meals provided were tasty, the appropriate temperature and arrived on time. I asked for bottled water multiple times and it was always promptly delivered to my room. The front desk team treated me like I was there for a normal stay which I really appreciated. As a hotel employee myself I appreciate the kindness and graciousness from the staff, especially during this high-stressed period during travel. Thank you for welcoming me during my first few days in Canada!

  • Christina Chaaya
    (4.0 / 5)

    I’ve been reading some bad reviews about this hotel regarding the mandatory 3 day quarantine and honestly I’m not sure where it’s all coming from so feel the need to clarify a few things and highlight my personal experience. I am staying here as part of the Government policy for the quarantine. The check-in was great and the staff were very polite and informative. You need to take your luggage to your room yourself but this is part of the COVID-19 policies across Canada so understandable. The food is fine, and is what you would expect. There is variety and a salad included in every meal and is delivered on time. There was no coffee in the room but I asked for some at 6am and it was delivered to my door right away. The room is clean, spacious and nice. Bed is super comfortable. Yes the cost is high for the room, but this is across all of the quarantine hotels, they are inflated and not necessarily worth it but also understandable. If you don’t want to pay over $1,000 there are other 3 star hotels that you can consider. You don’t get refunded if you choose to leave earlier but again I assume this is across all of the hotels and standard policy for the rate which the hotel clearly specifies before booking so not sure why people are surprised! Overall I’m pleased with the experience and I think they did a decent job with the set up and planning. I think if you manage your expectations about the price you won’t be disappointed! Nice staff, clean and spacious rooms, comfortable, decent food and good service. I would recommend.

  • Saman Z
    (4.0 / 5)

    For everyone planning to book for mandatory quarantine. This was an expensive but decent choice. It's a little pricier than other hotels but this was the only one available when I started to book. I was freaked out by all the bad reviews but it actually turned out to be a pleasant experience. The food was good and in decent quantity. And everything was HALAL! Unlike what I had heard. Service was quick. They provided you with everything u needed. I minused one star only for the price being very high. Everything else was good. I even had a small hot water machine for coffee in the room. Unlike what I heard.

  • Sharmila Ghildyal
    (5.0 / 5)

    I stayed at the Hotel in April 2021, as part of the Government policy for 3 day quarantine. The check-in was great. It is understandable that as per present norms, hotel staff are not allowed to touch my luggage. But they guided me politely at every step as I took my luggage to my room and let myself in. The room had a large window, from where I could see the airport very clearly. The room was clean, spacious and nice. Bed also was very clean and comfortable. The coffee machine, television, telephones etc were all in very good working condition. Supply of coffee, water etc was provided promptly. So to say, that I did not have to wait or remind. For some personal reason, I did not opt for food plan. The hotel allowed that for me. However, on the last day, I needed a dinner. So I called up to place a request. The voice at the other side was very polite as they asked me for my choice of meal and how I would pay. I offered to pay in cash or by Credit cardcard/ Debit Card. So it seemed to be quite sorted out and I felt relaxed. Soon they knocked on my door and I reached for my wallet and headed for the door. I found the food packet there but a gentleman stood at a little distance and told me in the most polite voice that the food is complementary from the hotel. I felt a little embarrassed, since I had offered to pay for the food. But they insisted that the food was complementary. I was overwhelmed. As regards period of stay, as per local guidelines, one does not get a refund if one decides to leave before completing the 3 days period. In fact these are standard policy ,for the rate and refund, which the hotel clearly specifies before booking so people should not feel surprised! The check out procedure also, was seamless and quick. Overall, I’m pleased with the experience and I think they did a decent job in keeping the premises neat and clean. Nice staff and excellent services. I do recommend this hotel to visitors arriving in Toronto.